“So, what’s the idea?” That’s what people are always asking. Great ideas are not always sitting there out in the open. Sometimes they have to be coaxed out of their caves. And sometimes we focus so hard in the finding them, we can miss the good stuff sitting right there under your nose. When Paul McCartney first wrote Hey Jude, it was called “Yo, Mike” but then he worked on it and worked on it and made it into the hit is today. If nothing else, great creative starts from a great exploration of what is possible and an open mind to what something could be given half a chance.

  • Know your Limits and go beyond them.

    While there are always boundaries in place for where you can go, there are also holes in the fence that often lead to the best places. At least until the neighbours yell at you to get off their lawn. The best Advertising comes from the marriage between the truth in the brand, something that everyone already believes… and then combine it with what you’d never expect. Sometimes it’s just a lens change for the consumer and sometimes it’s a complete reset all together, but in any case, as long as you stick to that single strain of truth, it’s amazing what you can get away with.