• We’re all inherently visual learners and it’s much easier to remember an amazing visual rather than something read or heard. A properly designed ad gets the message across in a clear and concise manner through strategic layout & hierarchy, graphics, typography and copy. When it’s well designed, people notice. In a world where people receive information at such a fast pace, it can make them stop. It can entice users to share what they’ve discovered through social network avenues like Pinterest or Design Blogs. The same principal works for everything else. Great design strengthens your brand, legitimizes products and draws people in. After all, attracting people is what this is all about.

    So how do we do that?

    It starts with talent and Central Station’s success story has always been partly rooted in recognizing and hiring good people that are good at what they do. Part of my responsibilities as Director of Design is to not only lead and inspire the creative team, but also bring out the best of an extremely well versed group of in-house illustrators, production artists, 3D illustrators and designers. It’s recognizing their core strengths and talents from those individuals and assigning jobs that put them in a position to deliver work that exceeds people’s expectations.

    Of course, all things start with a good strategy and creative brief, but it always comes to rest on the power of great design to get the job done.