Mad Jack

National Launch
for Molson Coors

Central to the Idea

Start with a consumer's taste for new, interesting flavours and infuse it with the confidence and swagger of a pint of beer.

Central to the Success

Make sure everything from pack design and sampling, theatre to social, and TV creative live in the Mad Jack world of Crazy Good.

Creating a "Crazy Good" Beer.

Mad Jack launched across Canada this year becoming the Crazy Good Beer with a crisp apple taste. To make things interesting, we also introduced a little bit of quick wit and attitude through a national advertising campaign. In Toronto, we had a major focus on Out of Home including a massive Subway station takeover, while in Montreal, we lit up the streets with backlit street columns to get the message out. The digital was supported with an "always on" Facebook push that answers all kinds of important questions like, "is there really a Mad Jack apple tree?" and "Will my girlfriend like it?". From stand-out packaging to unique POS we're glad to say, things got more than just a little crazy. Crazy Good.

Crazy Good – Digital and Television

Mad Jack was represented on the big screen, on-line and on mobile devices across the Country. A series of Crazy Good'isms helped make this Apple Lager a category leader - in the category of "There's really nothing else like it". Central to the idea is that Mad Jack has an answer for just about everything. Now, if only we took the time to understand the question.

Don't you just hate these Award Shows? Oh wait a minute...

We won! We won! And by we, we mean Mad Jack. Voted Best New Beer of 2015 by consumers and by everyone here at Central Station. (no we didn't get to vote) we’re just glad, for once, that we agree with what the consumers had to say. (no we didn’t bribe them with delicious apple lager). Thank you, Canadian consumers.

Super Yummy Package Design

It's a war out there on shelves, but with standout graphics and logo design, Central Station set out to make consumers want to lick the can (which actually sounds kind of weird when you say it). Central Stations' design and advertising teams worked together to create packaging and ideas that work together. Here we produced can, bottle and packing branding that really gave Mad Jack some attitude and character that says both "refreshing" and "premium". So if there's ever a POS war brewing, we're ready (figuratively of course, as the designers are more lovers than fighters).

Web: comes to life

Integrating television and out-of-home, we created an effective and informative communications platform.

Social: They "liked us" on Facebook

From 0 to 15,000 16,222 [and counting] fans faster than you can say "crisp apple taste" Central Station Advertising manages the digital and social side of the brand by bringing it to life on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with one-to-one messages right from Mad Jack himself. The Mad Jack social team strives to keep drinkers up to date with everything from Mad Jack advice to Mad Jack points of view - everything from recipes to what to wear to a wedding you weren’t invited to.

Fake ads: don't believe everything you read.

In a first-of-its-kind marketing initiative, we installed motion sensitive digital screens in Toronto Subway stations. The displays showed over a dozen outrageous ads that stopped more than a few people in their tracks. When the subway was moments away, the rumble of the train would shake the screen causing the fake ad to fall and the Mad Jack reveal would take its place. The "fakes" offered up everything from ‘Snorkeling tours in the Don River' (Ewwww) to the "Gluten Museum" where you can learn everything there is to know about Gluten (whatever that is). The fake ads garnered thousands of calls to the Mad Jack number and once again proved you can't believe everything you read.