MGD + Toronto Raptors

Genuine Fans Rise Up for the 2014/2015 season.

Central to the Idea

Showcase MGD’s commitment as a 20-year fan of the Toronto Raptors.

Central to the Success

Relive the actual moments that have made genuine fans rise up over the years.

The MGD Raptors highlight Reel

With over 20 years of Toronto Raptors highlights, we made these 15 second commercials a celebration of the teams (albeit young) history (and give you some goose bumps along the way). Central to the big idea was the link between being a genuine Raptors fan and a fan of the official beer of the Toronto Raptors – Miller Genuine Draft.

Mobile and Web Domination

The "Genuine Fans" campaign scored more points than Kyle Lowery before the all-star game. We ran updates and promotions on mobile and social that promoted MGD at your local bar. We also offered special courtside seats, a truly once in a lifetime opportunity where you actually got Toronto Raptors sweat on your face (de didn’t quite say it like that in the ads).

Air Canada Centre Creative

During the promotion we took over the Air Canada Centre with stadium posters, score clock and digital board ads. We literally spoke to every Raptors fan to remind them the difference between being just a fan and what it means to be a Genuine Fan.

Air Canada Centre Creative

To promote the MGD tall can, we leveraged our connection to the sport with relevant commentary that played up the significance of height and the game of basketball. Some people said it was a stretch. (Other people then went "ba-da dum")

You got your Radio into my Mobile

In what we consider an industry first, we used mobile to promote MGD LTO's by using geo-targeted mobile messaging that linked to a our national radio campaign. So in essence, we ran our radio campaign on your phone. This campaign lit up sales with unprecedented return on clicks. We also think that it's just pretty darn funny.

"Stonehenge" Rich Media Banner Audio

"Big Bang" Rich Media Banner Audio