Air Max
Day 2016

Oh, What a Glorious Day!

Central to the Idea

Re-imagine an existing space as a Wonka-esque shoe factory, as part of a store takeover, in celebration of Air Max Day 2016.

Central to the Success

Create a unique and awe-inspiring space that truly captures the iconic originality of the Nike Air Max and its beloved creators.

A store transforms

Chock full of character and urban charm, the existing space became a canvas for a floor to ceiling transformation.

A window into a wonderful world

Imagined as both announcement and invitation, the lone street-level window used super-glossy foam-sculpted letters, LED outlines, and a web of pipes to draw the eye inward, to the magic below.

Meet the Makers

A massive statement wall introduces the three creators of Air. By employing abstract design, dramatic lighting and a multi-dimensional build-out, the wall anchors the space, and serves as the well-spring from which everything flows outward.

hot off the press

Drawing inspiration from the whimsical world of Willy Wonka's factory, each new Air Max is enshrined behind glass and displayed in fully custom, uniquely fanciful settings.

Inside the minds of the innovators

Emitting an ethereal glow, three museum cases celebrate the three creators of Air, using methodically sourced story-telling objects to provide a window into the minds of these legendary innovators.