Passion meets pride as the World Juniors tournament gets set to kick off.

Central to the Idea

Leverage the patriotism and passion of hockey-obsessed Canadians to stir excitement for the World Juniors tournament.

Central to the Success

Develop and execute a comprehensive campaign that bleeds red & white, ties Nike inextricably to Team Canada, and converts passion into sales.

spread the word

Linking a recognizable line from the Canadian anthem to the hopes and dreams of Canadian players, "See Thee Rise" served as the defining ethos of the campaign.

Adding to the Collection

At a major media event in downtown Toronto, we honoured the past and celebrated the future with the official unveiling of Nike's 2016 Canadian World National jersey.

Power Play

A wide-reaching digital push leveraged the tagline and original assets to support the media release at launch.

Everything Comes Together

Working with Brooklyn based perceptual artist Michael Murphy, we conceptualized, developed and built a mind bending sculpture of the hero image for the campaign.

A Sea of Red

We dominated key retail locations with large-scale print, POP and video - creating unmissable shrines to the Canadian jersey and everything it stands for.