Women's 15K

Central to the Idea

Leverage Toronto iconography, physically and digitally to connect the city to women's running and the Nike brand.

Central to the Success

The creation of a clean, dramatic and well integrated retail presentation that enhanced brand affinity and drove product sales.

Taking it to the streets

What happens when one of the world's most successful brands puts on one of the biggest events in the city...

Central to making this happen were bringing the Nike stores to life using Toronto landscapes. Using 3D design technology that's basically too advanced to share with the public, we went from concept to design to building these window displays to support this international women's run. Showcasing Toronto icons and the thrill of participation, we're proud to say this marketing program finished in first place.

Custom 3D Animation

Our amazing in-house 3D Designers worked with our in-house creative teams and savvy production department to make the impossible come to life. No other agency has this kind of powerhouse combination of brains and just raw nerd power. We only hope they continue to use their talents for good and not hacking your Internet dating account (which they could).

In-Store Fixturing

Hudson's Bay Queen Street Windows

Showcased behind some of the most iconic windows in Toronto, these one-off displays for the Nike Women's 15k Run stopped consumers in their tracks. These multi-dimensional designs and displays showcased the creativity and optimism of the Nike brand that leads the way in raising the bar for women athletes everywhere.

We put the "pop" in the shop

To add to the excitement of the Nike Women's 15k Run, we created these pop-up shops. Here we made the Nike brand the star of the show by designing and building the displays that make the products easy to love. The Central Stationers developed and built everything from the sets to the displays. Heck, we even bought some of the shoes afterwards.

Sporting Life, Yonge Street

If there's one legendary sporting goods store in Toronto, this is it. Here you can see the one of a kind display that was central to generating excitement for this annual event.

SportChek, Maple Leaf Square Window

SportChek, Maple Leaf Square In-Store

Just outside the Air Canada Centre is this high traffic, SportChek store. No doubt, one of the most eyeballed windows in Toronto. This display was designed and built by the Central Station/Nike team and we're proud to say that the runners ran to it (as runners tend to run toward everything). SportChek = SuccessChek.