Central to the Idea

Create a new brand that reflects a real estate company's refreshingly modern culture of kindness, openness and collaboration.

Central to the Success

A new name and identity that feels as fresh, current and as welcoming as the people who work there has put StreetCity Realty on the map from day one.


‘It’s Right Here’ comes from thinking about that great moment when you find the perfect property. Just as important, it is also a promise that we’ll treat you right and make you feel totally comfortable.


From business cards, email signatures, envelopes, to letterhead; we created a whole new look and feel for StreetCity Realty. We wanted to give StreetCity a consistent visual identity that reflected their belief in putting clients first, above all else. In order to capture the uniqueness of their approach we knew we had to start with the basics.


We wanted to reflect StreetCity’s beliefs in a fresh, new buyer’s guide. We wanted people to pick it up and feel reassured instead of distanced. StreetCity’s consumer-first philosophy comes through in design, tone and feel.


Before business philosophies, before approach styles, the first contact between public and company is their sign. Whether this means a “For Sale” sign on a lawn or ads in local newspapers, we wanted StreetCity Realty to be properly represented. Both eye-catching and welcoming, we wanted their signs to be an integral part of those communities in order to accurately reflect the family values StreetCity Realty holds dear.