National Campaign
for Weetabix Cereal

Central to the Idea

Make a classic brand feel modern without losing its unique character.

Central to the Success

The slow release energy of Weetabix is perfect for people who want to shine all day, everyday.

National Print Campaign Offers a Little Food For Thought

The Weetabix brand is known around the world; in fact it's the number one cereal in the UK. But over time, with so many trends and breakfast fads that come and go, Canadians had forgotten just how good Weetabix is in providing you with a natural source of daily energy. Central to the idea was taking advantage of a nutrition fact panel that other cereals would kill for (that really would be a cereal killing). In this campaign, we brought to life the different kinds of "Fact Panels" that represent the kinds of people who start their day with Weetabix.

Weetabix asks, what are you made of?

The campaign went from a national magazine buy to online digital and social media, as well as into schools where kids were asked to fill in their own Fact Panels.

Custom packaging and consumer generated "Fact Panels" generated huge awareness and renewed energy for the brand

Breakfast Television Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver asked their viewers what they were made of and had people submit their own Fact Panels. From their kids to mountain climbing to walking their dogs, this campaign showcased the energy you need to really dig into your day. The promotion ended with a weekend cottage giveaway to the winning entry. The "You Are What You Weetabix" campaign continues to run in both Canada and the US.

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A revamped look for a Canadian favourite.