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Introducing the first ever Central Station News Flash. Every other month we’ll be updating all our favourite people about what’s been going on at Central.

We hope you ‘opt in’ and enjoy hearing about your favourite advertising agency in the whole wide world.


Wow. What a Website (www)
After months of re-coding and re-configuring, we're happy to launch the all new Central Station website. Check it out!

Central Work:
Nike NBA Jersey Launch

Hot on the heels of their monumental 8-year apparel deal with the NBA, we worked with Nike to conceptualize, design and execute a comprehensive retail campaign to heat the market, hype the consumer and highlight the innovative technology that makes the jersey special. The crown jewel of the Canadian retail campaign was a massive store takeover at House of Hoops Yonge Street – an assault on the senses featuring custom court wood flooring, stadium lighting & speakers, custom cases to honour the games current starts, extensive jersey customization options and more. Dare we say it was a slam dunk?

Central People:
Employees Love Their Ink

Arms, backs and legs are just some of the canvases people choose for their tattoos or “body art”. Polynesians first used the ink to describe an individual’s personality. Modern tattoos aren’t far off, but don’t cover whole bodies as frequently. They are, however, the highest personal form of art. So we asked our people to show us their ink!

Central News:
New Head of Studio

Ryan Broadbent - At Central Station, Ryan oversees the mighty, mighty machine that we call the Central Station Studio. With over 10 years in the industry, Ryan is an accomplished and award-winning designer with a strong focus on final production details and skirting impossible timelines. What you may not know about Ryan is that he is credited with one of the FIRST ever YOUTUBE sensations when he made this little ditty right here:


Needless to say, we’re all very proud of him.
Central Article:
Our CD’s published advice on how to land that first internship.

To get my first job as a copywriter in this business, I had almost 100 interviews. I met with anyone that would see me. Not just creative directors, but writers, art directors, producers...anyone. If they worked at an agency, I’d try to get in to meet them. I can’t even imagine how bad my first portfolio must have looked. I literally cut pictures out of magazines and wrote headlines against them.

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