A major, national launch that always feels like a discovery brand.

Central to the Idea

How do you maintain the well crafted credentials of a much loved beer as you introduce it to a mass audience across Canada in one summer?

Central to the Success

'Finely Crafted, Finally in Canada' conjures the US parent brand people love with a perfect sense of artistry.

Paint by numbers

The craft behind the beer is reflected in murals that consumers and local Canadian artists collaborate on.

Calgary OOH

The campaign idea was created to feel local wherever it goes. The launch has been successful partly because doesn’t feel mass or mainstream.

Pint/Moon mural and balloons

The moon in Belgian Moon is a great example of digging into a brand equity and turning it into an icon. We’re establishing the moon a wonderful brand symbol across Canada.

Transit poster

Out of home is a great medium for extending the campaign without feeling too slick.

Night Market

We branded Belgian Moon’s signature Night Market in Toronto from the ground up. The physical space, iconography and consumer interaction all had to be created from scratch.