Pig Iron Coffee

Branding & Packaging

Central to the Idea

Leveraging the special properties of a vintage cast iron roaster to inspire name generation and design.

Central to the Success

The creation of a powerful name and visual identity that convey the uniqueness of this artisanal coffee brand through packaging and merchandising material.

When Pigs Fly (off the shelf)

If there's one thing this agency knows well... it's coffee. Pig Iron Coffee turned to Central Station wanting a completely new brand look and feel. Needless to say the creative department had no problem staying up all night working on this one. Developing a look for this one of a kind, exceptionally complex coffee-roasting process meant creating a unique style that would stand out above all the other beans on the shelf.

Package Design to Go

This Toronto based Coffee Roaster challenged us to develop all of their packaging and branding communications to show the unique character and craftsmanship that makes this coffee stand out. You can't just put lipstick on a pig. You have to give it everything from brochures to business cards, as well as a whole brand book and communications strategy that works.

Full Product Line Branding