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Summerhill (sum-her-ill)

Named somewhat carelessly (and perhaps even temporarily) after the two hundred acre summer estate/amusement Park of a local transportation baron, Summerhill was developed into a neighbourhood sometime in the 1860’s. Now, Summerhill is a mixture of Yorkville glitz and suburban “country club” glam. A highly desirable neighbourhood sandwiched between the Downtown core and Midtown madness, Summerhill is our little slice of paradise...or is that cheese? We DID say sandwich earlier.

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The subway platform is often where most Central Station employees begin their day. Fun Fact: open during the Winter as well.


Exiting the station, it’s a 2 minute walk to our office, but we’re looking for someone to step up and break that record. Pictured on the right: Toronto’s biggest stopwatch


We have a great coffee culture at the office. So much so that on our way up to the building, there’s no need to stop off at Boxcar Social. Pictured on the left: Someone clearly late for work, does that say 10:00am?


Uh oh, looks like someone forgot their lunch today. A quick walk south under the train tracks can fix that though. Fun Fact: If a train passes overhead interrupting your conversation, it’s good luck.


Central Station employees are treated to a wide variety of different food options in the Rosedale area. We have the local market – Harvest Wagon. Greenhouse Juice Co. if drinking your food is more your thing. And the newest project from the Food Dudes – Pantry.


Let’s follow these Central Station employees on their way to find the best eats.


Possibly the best hidden sandwich shop in the city, these employees have found their way to the Black Camel. Fun Fact: Eric Lindros, former hockey player has been spotted here. He probably wouldn’t remember it though.


In our opinion, Rosedale is home to some of the best patios in the city. Great for winding down with after work drinks.


Pictured: The Rosedale Diner patio (isn’t it romantic…in a professional lunch business meeting kind of way?)


Weird artwork aside, the Rosedale diner is a favoured hotspot of many Central Station employees looking for a cool and quiet vibe.


Oh right, there’s also our amazing view from our roof top. NBD