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Travel light. Enjoy the ride. Create things that move people.

The journey marketers find themselves on has changed. It used to mean taking a year to create the big campaign that defined your brand. Today, a series of initiatives each have to live on their own and still add up to something more. There is less brand ‘air cover’, less time to think and more to react to.

Each initiative needs to be as well thought through as any big campaign. Central Station puts smart, senior people on teams that act quickly and involve you. With an inclusive, contagious culture we’ll get you to work that moves people.

How We Work Is Central

At the heart of Arrive Together is a spirit of working with versus for you.
We talk early and often. We focus on promising paths. We avoid big reveals.
Arrive Together is how we’ll get to great work and why you’ll enjoy the journey.

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    February 2024 | Spin Master

    Play Time

    Spin Master is the multinational company behind some of the hottest toys on the market. They needed support bringing some of their projects to life, so asked us if we had any imagination to spare. Little did they know that we have imagination on tap.

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    December 2023 | The Miller Group

    Rebuilding The Construction Industry

    The Miller Group, an innovative construction company, was looking to increase their awareness as a leader in their industry and among employers. Through creative wordplay and cinematic shots of actual projects and services, we created a highly impactful digital campaign that challenged people’s assumptions of who The Miller Group is and what they do by showcasing the multitude of ways they’re paving the way forward.

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    September 2023 | Hudson’s Bay SHOP_BLK Event

    Celebrating Black-Led and Black-Owned Businesses with Hudson’s Bay

    We worked with Hudson’s Bay to design and build a space within their flagship that was a celebration of Black culture, spotlighting a variety of Black-owned/Black-led businesses: an art gallery, a nail salon, a barber, several fashion designers, and a stage for musicians and a panel. We designed a space that was cohesive, but gave each of the businesses their own vibe. Working with an entirely black and white palette, we played with scale and repetition to create big, bold, high-contrast visuals that stood out from the rest of the store. We rounded out the design with event graphics, promotional materials, invitations, as well as sourcing all furniture and propping. The event was an amazing way to celebrate Black History Month and spotlight Black entrepreneurs!

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    June 2023 | Humber River Health Foundation Diwali Gala

    A Festival of Lights That’s Lighting New Ways

    To celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the communities they serve, the Humber River Health Foundation wanted to throw a brand-new Diwali gala inspired by Humber’s future-forward thinking. This would be a yearly event and required a name, logo, and brand identity that brought Humber’s spirit of innovation and the spirit of Diwali together in beautiful harmony. Welcome to Illuminate: A Diwali Celebration.

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    April 2023 | Humber Meadows

    Breathing New Life into Long-Term Care

    Humber Meadows is a brand-new long-term care facility revolutionizing senior care in Canada. Targeting both future residents and team members, we set out to help redefine what LTC can be, by creating an immersive multi-media campaign, positioning Humber Meadows as a vibrant, empowering place to write the next chapter of your story.

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    March 2023 | DECIEM

    We've Gone Global

    DECIEM (The Ordinary’s parent company) engaged Central Station to help launch the brand in Dubai. More specifically, at the Sephora in Dubai Mall, one of the most famous malls in the world. We brought The Ordinary’s promise of ‘science-backed skincare’ to the Middle East with a show-stopping window featuring lab-inspired creative, including metallic tubing, a conveyor belt, and giant magnifying glasses to showcase hero products. The display shouted out their logo with a large illuminated O, and the window design was carried through in-store with a gondola. We were over the moon to help the brand launch in a new market, and we hoped we showed Dubai that The Ordinary was happy to be there.

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    March 2022 | Dior Windows

    Window Wonderland

    Dior is synonymous with high fashion, luxury, and elegance. We brought this legendary couture brand to stunning life with enchanting, highly detailed holiday window displays.

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    February 2022 | Arterra Giftember Kits

    A Very Special Gift

    The Most Wonderful Wine of the Year.
    Rewrapping the Holidays.

    Arterra wanted to expand our Giftember retail display with a big social play. We created six unique, wine-themed gift boxes to share with popular influencers. Each highly Instragrammable box contained a bottle of wine and a collection of hand-picked gifts.

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    January 2022 | POD

    Applaud The Pod

    Protection On Demand (POD) is a touch-less PPE vending machine for public spaces. The brand represents both clinical safety and approachability. Our logo is inspired by way-finding, the colours are accessible, and the design makes it ideal in both upscale malls and utilitarian airport terminals. The final touch: To transcend language barriers, we used iconography on machines and packaging.

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    December 2021 | Arterra Bask

    Bask in the Moment

    For Bask, a no frills, low sugar wine, we created a minimalist look to mirror the brand’s simplicity. Our design was inspired by a nutritional facts panel, and the clean look allowed the wine’s key attributes to shine.

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    November 2021 | Two Bears

    Bear Essentials

    Two Bears, a local cold brew coffee maker, needed a new look that competed with bigger brands. We explored options featuring two bears, but continued to simplify as we went along. We landed on a single bear icon with a coffee drip as its nose. A modest nod to the product, but with a solid element of the brand.

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    October 2021 | Humber River Hospital

    Brand Aid

    Humber’s new look had to be as progressive as the leading-edge hospital it represents. The logo needed to include a blue H, like the original, but that’s hardly ownable. So we added a plus symbol to represent our client’s mission to provide exceptional healthcare through innovation.

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    September 2021 | Refine Naturals

    Refined Design

    To help launch a range of scientifically-formulated supplements, we provided C2C Healthcare with a complete branding solution, including solid strategy, stunning logo, clean ultra-modern packaging, and even the new supplements’ name and tagline: Refine Naturals. You Deserve Better Than Fine.

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    July 2019 | Nike

    A Legend in The Making

    To celebrate Nike’s launch of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s debut shoe, the Zoom Freak 1, we turned House of Hoops into a shrine to basketball. From the fusion of Greek history and basketball in the pillars to the plaster cast roses encircling the center altar, everything was created to make this House of Hoops experience one of one. Get your freak on!

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    March 2019 | Nike

    Nike: We’re Adapt Able

    We helped Nike launch their new self-lacing basketball shoe, The Adapt BB, by designing and building a futuristic Adapt Testing Lab. From the Tron-esque grid, to the custom leaderboard welcoming ‘test subjects’ to the Lab, to the Adapt Technicians in Nike-branded lab coats; everything was created to bring the future to House of Hoops from the ground up. Let’s ball.

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    February 2019 | New heroes at Central

    Forget ‘Rockstars’. Meet the new heroes at Central Station.

    Everyone says they are looking to hire a ‘Rockstar’ these days, but that usually just means you need overachievers who won’t complain about working long hours in absolute chaos. To us, each of these people are heroic in their own right, with unique talents worthy of their own action figure. So here they are for you meet.

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    January 2019 | Canada Goose x Henry Poole

    A Classy Custom Build

    Does building a custom steamer trunk for Canada Goose and famous British tailor Henry Poole mean we’re fancy now? In that case, we’ll be serving tea and crumpets at 3pm this afternoon before retiring to the drawing room with the corgis. Be classy like us and check out the trunk at Yorkdale before it travels to NYC and Boston. Pip pip, cheerio, old chap!

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    December 2018 | The Holidays are Scentral

    Scentral Oils

    To celebrate the holidays this year, we gave our friends and clients the greatest gift of them all: less stress! Our new in-house wellness arm, Scentral Station, created curated gift packs of scents specially designed to relieve advertising woes, like when the creative team tries to show you one last idea that’s a bit of a curve ball or accidentally replying all to the wrong email. We’re pretty sure our 2018 holiday gift left everyone feeling pretty zen(tral Station).

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    October 2018 | Distributel

    Distributel ECN

    In 2018, Canada’s largest independent Internet provider began offering significantly improved services to many of the underserved indigenous communities in Northern Quebec. We marked the occasion by creating custom pennants for each community to send in the mail with a notice of our offer.

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    May 2018 | Mad Jack

    New thinking from
    Mad Jack

    To introduce three new Mad Jack flavours, we created a 360o campaign featuring all kinds of thought-provoking, mind blowing questions. Introducing Flavour for Thought. Now discuss amongst yourselves.

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    February 2018 | Italpasta

    Nonna is coming for dinner!

    Central Station redesigned Italpasta’s line of artisanal pasta and paid homage to the integrity and legacy of the woman whose recipe is still being used today.

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